16 Aug 2016
 Contract Award for Frigstad Shekou
 30 Mar 2016
 Mating ceremony for the "Frigstad Kristiansand"
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Frigstad Offshore is an international drilling contractor with offices in Singapore, Cyprus, Norway, China and Brazil. We provide a complete range of management services for all types of offshore rigs internationally.

We drive success for our clients by providing strong industry expertise within our core business areas:

  • Commercial, technical and operational management of drill-ships, jack-ups and semi-submersibles for rig owners and investors
  • Management and supervision of large scale rig construction and upgrade projects
  • Development of partnership-based business concepts which provide valuable industrial capabilities to investors with a desire to enter into the offshore drilling business
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 Fleet Status Report - October 2016
 Frigstad Kristiansand Rig Specification
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